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Telegram ICO Investors Included Russian Oligarch and Ex-Minister



Newly released documents relating to Telegram’s 2018 ICO have revealed some big-name backers, including Russian oil tycoon Roman Abramovich and former Minister of Open Government Affairs Mikhail Abyzov.

The publication of the documents highlighting some of the big-money backers in Telegram’s planned blockchain, Telegram Open Network (TON), is just the latest development in the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) case against the firm, which claims the messaging app violated securities laws by failing to register its 2018 token sale. The names and the amount that they invested were listed in an expert report by Stephen McKeon, a University of Oregon professor who was hired by Telegram to write an analysis on the blockchain project.

Russian oil billionaire Roman Abramovich, who is best known as the owner of Premier League outfit Chelsea FC, invested US$10 million in Telegram during the second round of fundraising. He made the investment via a British Virgin Islands-based fund called Norma Investments Limited.

Another British Virgin Islands-based fund, Batios Holdings Limited, of which Mikhail Abyzov is a director, also invested in the Telegram ICO. Abyzov is currently incarcerated after Russian law enforcement brought an embezzlement case against him in 2018 after his position at Batios was uncovered, thus ending his political career. Jan Marsalek, Chief Operating Officer at German payments firm Wirecard, also invested US$7 million in the second round of the TON token sale.

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Telegram met with the SEC in court on February 19 after months of back and forth between the two parties. In that meeting, the presiding judge urged both parties to consider the “economic realities” of the US$1.7 billion token sale and pledged to make a ruling on the case by April 30—the deadline for the launch of TON as agreed upon by investors back in October. Until then, Telegram is free to continue developing TON.

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7th International Forum on Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and Mining – Blockchain Life 2021




Place/Date: Moscow, Russia – August 2nd, 2021 at 9:41 pm UTC · 2 min read
Contact: Blockchain Life 2021,
Source: Blockchain Life

On October 27-28 in Moscow, Russia at one of the most innovative platforms in the world – Music Media Dome, will take place the 7th International Forum on Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and Mining – Blockchain Life 2021.

The forum traditionally gathers more than 5000 participants and 80 sponsors.

Among the guests of the forum are both industry professionals and those who are just starting their way in one of today’s most promising areas: traders, miners, entrepreneurs from crypto and classic businesses, investors, blockchain developers and many others.

The event consists of two main parts: a conference, where speakers share insights on the numerous topics of the forum; and an exhibition, where leading industry companies present their new and current projects. Participation in the forum allows you to get advanced knowledge and acquire numerous new contacts, being among the leaders of the world crypto community.

Despite the travel restrictions between countries, significant industry players from dozens of countries come to the forum.

Major forum’s topics:

  • DeFi and Web3. Crypto technologies that are changing the financial sector today.
  • Cryptocurrencies regulation in Russia. Law on digital assets. Launch of digital ruble.
  • Cryptocurrencies trading. Strategies in 2021.
  • Mining. How are the restrictions in the leading countries affecting the hashrate distribution and the earnings of each miner?
  • Staking, yield farming. Fantastic profitability of alternative types of mining.
  • Bitcoin and altcoins. Prospects for development and application in 2021-2022. Ways to earn on cryptocurrencies.
  • Implementation of blockchain technology in business and government. New cases and opportunities.
  • NFT — hype or not? Everything about digital art.

For the 7th time, the organizers of the forum are the largest agency for listing on the stock exchanges — Listing.Help — and IDEO association (International Digital Economy Organization).

The forum will traditionally host the international Blockchain Life Awards and the StartUp Pitch competition.

The first speakers are published on the website.

You can buy a ticket at an early price, ask questions and get answers to them here.

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Square to Acquire Australian Company Afterpay in $29 Billion Deal




Jack Dorsey’s Square will be acquiring Afterpay, which is a “buy now and pay later” firm in a deal worth $29 billion.

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter Inc, is all set to purchase Afterpay, a company that offers an option to buy now and pay later to its clients while making bargains at various other platforms. Square will be acquiring the Afterpay company in a striking $29 billion which is publicized by the media as Australia’s biggest “buyout” to date.

Afterpay is one of the pioneering companies in the world having more than 16 million customers and is used by 100 million businesses all over the world.

Square All Set to Acquire Afterpay in a Deal Worth $29 Billion

Twitter Co-Founder and CEO Jack Dorsey’s Square will now be acquiring a buy now and pay later platform Afterpay in a whopping 29 billion dollar deal. The company will expand its operations through Afterpay which has a customer base spanning 16 million active consumers and is frequently used by 100 million businesses across the world.

Afterpay has confirmed that the board of directors associated with the firm have unanimously suggested the deal to their shareholders and have established an agreement to own 18.5% of the new company.

Afterpay has successfully ascertained a niche where credit-based payment ideas can be utilized to establish a profitable business. Afterpay offers a facility where users can make purchases first and pay later under a time limit which has been a source of massive popularity for consumers all over the world.

Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey has expressed his views on the acquisition and has commented that Square and Afterpay were created to conduct fair financial proceedings that are accessible to the masses in a simplified manner. Afterpay has built a strong brand image that can be utilized to achieve the desired results with optimum efficacy and safety.

Afterpay had recently acquired significant popularity in terms of transactions where it was noted that a considerable number of people, especially young professionals, and individuals have utilized the platform to purchase everyday essentials and equipment on a buy now and pay later format, because of growing coronavirus concerns.

The following agreement is said to accelerate the Australian firm proceedings and also help the company to scale work operations in America. Square too, has announced their second-quarter earnings stating the company’s gross profit which has increased to $1.14 billion since last year.

Afterpay’s novel move to offer credit-based payment options that allow the users to make payments in installments has made the company quite popular and prominent among other contenders. Shares of Afterpay have noticed a surge in prices by 19% after the news of acquisition went viral on various social media outlets.

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Matrixport Becomes Unicorn in Just Two Years Post Series C Funding




Matrixport, with its knowledge of both traditional finance and modern crypto, is best suited to provide solutions to the emerging challenges of this novel crypto asset class.

Singapore-based digital asset financial services venture Matrixport closed its latest Series C funding round raising over $100 million elevating its pre-money valuation to over $1 billion in just a couple of months. It is now officially a Unicorn and has raised a total of $129 million to date since its inception.

Its fast-growing success can be attributed to its fierce and exceptional technological competency through which it has been offering unique products to its customers. Matrixport’s suite of offerings is tailor-made for a wide variety of investors and traders both institutional as well as retail. No matter what your risk appetite is or what yields you expect to earn, Matrixport will provide the best at hand making sure you get more from your crypto. All their product offerings thus make their mission possible – Get More From Your Crypto.

Key Features of the Series C Funding by Matrixport

As said earlier, the company raised over $100 million in an impressive Series C funding round thus turning the start-up into a unicorn at such an early stage. While DST Global, K3 Ventures and C Ventures became the leading investors of this round, the start up’s early investors namely Lightspeed, Dragonfly Capital, Polychain, IDG Capital and CMT Digital also participated. The others included Qiming Venture Partners, Tiger Global, CE Innovation Capital, Palm Drive Capital, A&T Capital, Cachet Group, Foresight Ventures.

The new funds will be put to use in enabling sophisticated research and development that in turn will improve their offerings and enhance customer experience on the platform. The new employees will range from those having industry capabilities across world-class banks and internet giants to those with niche expertise in blockchain technology firms. Currently, the company has its user base in over 40 countries which it plans to expand through securing licenses for operations in additional jurisdictions, thus consolidating its global expansion goal.

About the Company

Matrixport was founded in 2019 by Jihan Wu and John Ge, both earlier associated with the world’s largest Bitcoin mining rigs maker Bitmain. The platform offers a full collection of services like dual currency BTC/USDC linked product (DCP), spot OTC, fixed income, Cactus CustodyTM, structured products and asset management for both institutions and retail customers. As per its website, the company holds currently over $10 billion in assets and has $5 billion worth of monthly transactions across all products.

The company’s goal is to be the one-stop financial services platform that will give crypto users multiple products to invest their digital assets and sustainably earn profits. Already being recognised as a thought leader in the crypto-based financial services industry, Matrixport enhances the experience of all three crypto customer communities namely the crypto natives, the emerging first-time crypto users largely consisting of the younger generation and the sophisticated institutional customers.

According to a statement released by Ge to Bloomberg, the company plans to go public in three to five years and thus provide investors with an exit route. Though its profit numbers have not been released, Ge also confirmed Matrixport’s ambition to have hundreds of billions of dollars in assets under management and custody within the same time frame.

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