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English rock band Muse collaborates on CryptoKitties campaign



The famous English rock band Muse is teaming up with Dapper Labs, the company behind the viral blockchain game CryptoKitties.

The collaboration, which follows Dapper Labs’ partnership with Warner Music Group, will center on the creation of two blockchain-secured crypto-collectibles, including a limited edition Kitty “signed” by the band. 

Projects such as CryptoKitties involve unique but tradeable blockchain assets — known as non-fungible tokens — that can be used to represent all manner of virtual and equally, real-world goods. 

Video games, digital art and even memes can be tokenized and monetized, circulating on the blockchain in a peer-to-peer community of online fans.

The new edition of collectible Kitties will be designed using elements from the visual world that Muse created in their latest album, “Simulation Theory.” 

Two characters featured in the new collection will be “Marty” and “Mibbles” —  the former based on lead singer Matt Bellamy’s incarnation in the “Something Human” video and the latter a mini-monster heralding from the video for “Pressure.” 

Speaking of the new project, Dapper Labs’ CEO Roham Charegozlo claimed that blockchain-based collectibles have the power “to transform the artist fan relationship” —- an idea echoed by a Warner Music executive, Tiago Correia, who said:

“As our lives become increasingly digitized, people are expressing their fandom in new and fascinating ways. For some, the concept of a purely digital item is still unusual, but for many fans who love engaging with stickers and filters, these items are just another tool for self-expression.” 

In recent years, Muse has notably made a feature of new technologies in their rock spectacles and tours for albums such as “Drones” and “Simulation Theory.”

As previously reported, Dapper Labs — notorious for causing unprecedented network congestion on the Ethereum network when CryptoKitties first launched on its mainnet — recently announced the parallel launch of the game on its “Flow” blockchain.

In an interview with Cointelegraph, Charegozlo said that the impetus behind Flow was to establish a “high-throughput environment” for non-fungible tokens. 

During 2019, CryptoKitties had generated over 2 million transactions — the highest among any consumer decentralized application on Ethereum.

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DeFi and NFT crossover project Aavegotchi releases ‘Gotchiverse’ litepaper




One of the original decentralized finance and nonfungible token (DeFi/NFTs) crossover projects is taking a step forward today with the launch of a metaverse litepaper.

Aavegotchi — a project that creates upgradeable NFTs backed by yield-bearing positions on lending platform and money market Aave — announced the publication of a litepaper devoted to a gamified metaverse called the “Gotchiverse.”

Aavegotchi co-founder Jesse Johnson joked about the sometimes-esoteric features and backstory in the litepaper on a celebratory Twitter Spaces today:

“This is not your typical litepaper, it’s got a lot of lore in it […] We’ve got a bit of a DeFi RPG in front of us.”

The metaverse will introduce a new, fungible ERC-20 token, the “Gotchus Alchemica,” which will be farmable from REALM land plots, themselves backed as NFTs — similar conceptually to Decentraland’s MANA/LAND two-token system. 

Alchemica can be used to craft upgrades to REALM plots, including structures like the “Gotchi Lodge,” which will enable groups of players to socialize as well as combine their farming efforts. Upgrades will take a “certain number of blockchain blocks to finish constructing,” but liquidity providers to Aavegotchi’s in-house AMM, the “Gotchus Alchemica Exchange,” can hasten the process with rewards for providing liquidity.

This gamified yield farming is woven into the Gotchiverse’s considerable lore and backstory — about a third of the 14-page litepaper is devoted to storytelling and fleshing out the universe. The antagonists of the game, the Liquidators, refer to actual liquidators on the lending platform Aave, and the universe is speckled with DeFi in-jokes — a “home base” area of the map is called the “Citaadel,” and types of Alchemica include “Fud,” “Kek,” and “Fomo.”

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Aside from the farming gameplay, Johnson said the map will be “a huge game of Pac-Man,” where Aavegotchi run/float around the map to collect Alchemica and return it to their REALMs before getting caught by Liquidators, which may be player-characters as well as AI. 

A full release date for the Gotchiverse is pending, though Johnson said sections will be released as early as Q3 2021. Johnson added that the team has grown to 20 full-time employees, including veteran video game industry talent.

While Johnson has long been a bannercarrier for DeFi and NFT crossovers, interest in metaverses has been picking up as of late. This month, Nvidia’s CEO said that we’re on the “cusp” of a blockchain-powered metaverse, and the founder of major gaming title Fortnite said that metaverse tech is “going places.”